Your Home Away from Home

You are embarking on a new experience and joining a unique community at Lincoln College which we compare to being a part of a family.  Much of the sense of community develops over time in the residence halls, as they truly do become your home away from home. They are more than just places to live; they are places where you will interact with others at all hours of the day or night while talking, just relaxing, or studying. The opportunity to interact with others of different personal philosophies and who vary in nationality, race, religion, and backgrounds enhances your education here. Lasting friendships and relationships develop in the group living environment; some of your most lasting memories of Lincoln College will come from these experiences.

Lincoln College’s Residence Life Staff is dedicated to the integrity and personal growth of each individual. We take pride in assisting to provide for you what it will take to be successful both here at Lincoln College and in your future. The staff consists of a group of talented individuals from various backgrounds who have been trained to assist you in handling many of the

issues you will face during your time at college. They will be your best resource for helping you in dealing with issues of all kinds, either directly or by referring you to other appropriate personnel. Each staff member will encourage you to make a positive contribution to your residential community. They want to assist each student to commit to the concept of shared responsibility for maintaining the quality of life in the community.

I look forward to spending the next four years with you and will do what it takes to help you have an enjoyable and regarding experience at Lincoln College. If, at any time, I can be of assistance, please just ask.

Best wishes and welcome home!

Quentin D. Brackenridge, M.A.
Director of Residence Life
(217) 735-7298