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Students are issued a front door and a room key when they check into their assigned residence hall. It is the student’s responsibility to retain these keys and to use them for entrance to his/her assigned residence hall/room. If the keys are lost, new keys must be ordered by contacting the Coordinator of Residence Life, and a charge is then placed on the student’s account responsible for losing the key(s). Front door and room keys should be treated as a house key – carry it always, and do not depend on the RA or other hall staff members to unlock the room.

The cost for replacement keys are as follows:

  • Front Door Residence Hall Key: $25.00
  • Residence Hall Room Key: $25.00
  • Lock change can range from $50.00

More Information

If you have questions or would like further information about the process of obtaining keys for your residence hall, please visit our contact page